In the past 10 days or so Mr. Hall and Mr. McGaw have posed many points to ponder. Thank you gentlemen.

In the past 10 days or so Mr. Hall and Mr. McGaw have posed many points to ponder. Thank you gentlemen.

Where to begin? What are the causes of what ails us? Heck, what actually ails us? Is it global warming? Peak oil? Environmentalists? Politicians, of either mainstream party? Capitalists? Socialists? Anarchists? Corporations? Slow workers? College kids? Gas prices? Secularism? Religion? Lawns? Noise? An endless list. What?

It’s certainly clear that our culture is not as healthy as it could be and by healthy I don’t just mean physical health.

Some then ask, who’s to blame? Could this answer really be, all of us, or even more powerful, I am. And why consider blame at all? The issue of blame puts the focus “out there”, instead of looking deeply at all of the ways that I contribute to our society moving ever so much closer toward soullessness.

I am an individual making non-stop choices every single day. What am I choosing? Do I even see that I have a choice?

After decades of moaning and griping, evolution and transformation happens. By disengaging as much as possible from the standard response to capitalism and downscaling my consumption and walking a lot, I’m beginning to hear my inner self more clearly. I am softening, seeing my fellow human beings with more compassion. Instead of witnessing a very large man yesterday struggling greatly with mobility with my usual response of anger, unspoken ridicule and condescension, I just watched and before I knew it, cried. I could see that this was a sweet human being struggling. Maybe those that struggle are here showing the rest of us that all is not well with our supposed normality.

There are so many ways that I feel we could be missing out on the wonder of being alive. What about the animals killed on our roadways. Deer, armadillo, rabbit, bird, turtle, skunk, frog, squirrel. Why do we not care? Who says that we humans encapsulated in our modes of transporting ourselves can obliterate other creatures? Who is mourning our further isolation from one another?

This all leads me to pose that the heart of what ails us has to do with our hearts.


Opening our heart might just trump all else.

Matthew Scala,