Perfect love (God’s Agape) takes out fear
President Roosevelt took off thoughts on shelf
We once were lost not shedding one tear
Roosevelt said nothing to fear, “But fearing its ugly self.”

You know I had an awful thought at 5 a.m. time
Funny now that I am thinking Christ’s mind straight
I don’t think I can get up now making a rhyme
I see poor lost persons without horse’s gait.

Song of Solomon 5:2 I sleep but my heart waketh for God
The best time to do something for God is awake time
God causes Moses and all to use our God-given rod
Now if I wait for convenience time, “not worth a thin dime.”

Now, thanks for reading my God-given tiny thoughts
I really hope and I am transmitting the real me.
I really hope we are hearing God, “As we all ought.”
We are then free as Mr. King says, “Thank God almighty we are free.”

A Macomb person told me early up to write as a honey-bee president Kennedy’s eloquently, “what can you do for your country.”
— By Jack Clark