Voters throughout the Tri-County area face a myriad of decisions as they head to the polls in this month’s primary.

Voters throughout the Tri-County area face a myriad of decisions as they head to the polls in this month’s primary. The heaviest voting will take place on election day, Tuesday, but some area residents already have gotten a jump on the process by casting ballots either by in-person absentee balloting Friday and Saturday or mailing their absentee votes into their local election boards,
In-person absentee voting also can be done Monday. Polls throughout the state will be open Tuesday from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.
Throughout the Tri-County area there are a number of races on the local (cities and towns), county and state level. Area residents should take this opportunity to cast ballots for their favorite candidates, because the decisions these elected officials make can have a major impact on their lives.
It’s difficult to convince many people of the importance of their votes in these local, area and state contests, and that it far outweighs the impact of the vote they cast in the November presidential election. That’s not to say helping elect a president is not important. It’s just that ballots cast in that race by local and area voters don’t have quite the significance, especially when Oklahoma has but seven electoral votes.
Each time there is an election, it’s amazing to see the percentage of voter turnout. Voters throughout the Tri-County should take the opportunity to study the candidates and issues and decide for themselves which ones will provide solutions to the challenges faced at each level of government.
We are more familiar with the candidates in Shawnee and Pottawatomie County than we are with other races in Lincoln and Seminole counties. But voters in those counties are urged to vote for their candidates they believe will serve most effectively.
In Pottawatomie County, there are three races in Shawnee for city commission. Shawnee residents, just like those throughout other areas of the county, will be asked to decide the sheriff’s race and the contest for county clerk. Registered voters in the county can help decide those races.
The six candidates for sheriff include incumbent Kurt Shirey, and Democrat challengers Mike Booth, Gary Roe and Jay Hoyt Davis. Republican hopefuls are Chris Hurley and Jerry Farris.
That contest won’t finally be decided until the November general election.
But Tuesday’s vote will decide the county clerk contest between incumbent Nancy Bryce and challenger Alicia Warner, both Democrats.
Part of the voters also will decide the district 2 county commissioner contest. Incumbent Jerry Richards is challenged by Leslie Poff, J.C. Jackson and Charles Carthen; all are Democrats.
In each of those races voters must decide whether they are satisfied with how the offices are operating or if there is need for change.
We trust the voters to make the decisions in each of the races in Tuesday’s primary. And rather than endorse a particular candidate or candidates, we just encourage all voters throughout Pottawatomie, Lincoln and Seminole counties, in addition to the remainder of the state, to take advantage of the great privilege we have by casting ballots for their choices.