Gordon Cooper Technology Center is hosting a “Technology Day” from 8:30 a.m. to noon, Saturday, Feb. 26, to demonstrate ways people use technology at work.

Gordon Cooper Technology Center is hosting a “Technology Day” from 8:30 a.m. to noon, Saturday, Feb. 26, to demonstrate ways people use technology at work.
Hands-on activities allow students to explore and develop insight into opportunities available in related careers and hobbies. Workshops for students ages 9 to 11 and ages 12 to 17 are planned.
Workshops are designed so students who participate in Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts or 4-H can complete requirements for merit badges, activity pins or interest projects. Participants will receive an interest patch, backpack and lunch upon completing their workshop. Cost is $5 per participant.
To register for Technology Day, contact Becky Ponder at Gordon Cooper Technology Center, 273-7493 ext 2315 or beckyp@gctech.org. A parent or guardian signature covering safety and Internet use policy and information release is required.
Workshops for ages 9 to 11
• Caring for Children: Learn safety skills and activities needed to care for younger children (Junior Caring for Children Badge).
• Computer Fun: Learn basic components and applications of computers (Webelos Computer Belt Loop and Pin; Junior Computer Fun Badge).
• Engineering: Learn what an engineer does and participate in multiple engineering projects (Webelos Engineer Activity Pin).
• Handyman: Learn the importance of taking care of equipment and how to make basic repairs (Webelos Handyman Activity Pin).
• Healthier You: Explore various health disorders and how to prevent them (Junior Scout Healthier You Badge).
• Math Whiz: Learn ways that math is used everyday and have fun working with numbers (Junior Scout Math Whiz Badge).
• Plants and Animals: Learn plant care and basic facts about domestic animals (Junior Scout Plants and Animals Badge).
• Photography: Learn basic photography and computer application to create projects (Webelos Photography Pin).
• Readyman: Learn first aid necessary to be ready for an emergency (Webelos Readyman Activity Pin).
Workshops for ages 12 to 17
• Build a Better Future — Explore types of architecture and learn basic sketching skills (Boy Scout Architecture Merit Badge; Cadette Scout Build a Better Future Interest Project).
• Design and Production: Explore how to design and produce graphics on various media (Cadette Graphic Communication Interest Project).
• Farm Mechanics: Learn about and to care for different pieces of farm equipment (Boy Scout Farm Mechanic Badge).
• Home Repair: Learn basic home repairs (Cadette Home Improvement Interest Project; Boy Scout Home Repair Badge).
• Inventions and Engineering: Practice using the Design Process and learn about engineering opportunities (Cadette Inventions and Inquiry Interest Project; Boy Scout Engineering Badge).
• Metalwork: Learn about tools and skills needed to work with various types of metal (Boy Scout Metalwork Badge).
• Painting: Learn about various types of paints and stains as well as how to prepare and paint a surface (Painting Boy Scout Merit Badge).
• Plant Life: Learn about plant care and floral arrangements (Cadette Plant Life Interest Project).