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  • Justin Wood candidate for District 26

  • Justin Freeland Wood has announced his candidacy for House District 26

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  • Justin Freeland Wood has announced his candidacy for House District 26. He said he is motivated to run for State Representative because of his strong Shawnee heritage. Born and raised in Shawnee, Wood said he believes in family continuity while raising his daughter in this district.
    Wood is a Shawnee High School alum and a current student at the University of Central Oklahoma.He was born and raised here in Shawnee. He married his high school sweetheart, Olivia, also a Shawnee native, and together they have a baby girl named Joscelyn Kate.
    Wood grew up watching his father, Shawnee Police Sergeant Freeland Wood, and mother, Shirley, a public elementary school teacher, serve the community with hard work and dedication to families. Service is never an option, he said, adding it is a way of life. He has served in the mission field both home and overseas, as a youth pastor, and worked at the local Salvation Army’s Boys and Girls Club. Currently he works for Oklahoma Baptist University.
    He said his core values begin and end with his faith in Christ. He stated his unashamed of his deep faith, which informs his conservative views on everything from the sanctity of life and the importance of sound fiscal management.
    The Wood family has served Shawnee with honor beginning with his grandparents, his mother and father, he added.
    “I believe in life at conception. A human should be given full rights of the United States’ Constitution at the moment of his conception. When elected, I will write and support legislation to make this a constitutional amendment,” he said.
    His mother is an educator and his father is a police officer. Both serve the future of the community, the children, he noted. “Like my parents, I understand the urgency to protect those that need our protection. When elected I will hold those in authority, judges, Department of Human Services, teachers, and police officers accountable to their individual responsibilities of protecting our children. I will fight for reform where change is needed. However, we as parents must continue to fulfill our role in our child’s life first and foremost.
    “Education should be maintained and controlled at the local level. I am a product of public school. My wife is a product of home schooling. We both received a high standard of education. The truth remains that a student will receive the best education when taught by someone that truly cares about him. We must keep the students’ success at the forefront of education. No one is better equipped to handle education than the local community,” Wood explained.
    “As a husband and father, I am responsible for my family’s well-being. Fiscal responsibility is spending within your means on only what is necessary for your family to succeed. Our government should be held to these same standards. I understand the hardship that debt can bring to a marriage and household. Our government must serve as a positive example,” Wood said.
    Page 2 of 2 - “I emphasize the “De” in deregulation because we cannot, shall not add more regulation to our small businesses. Our first priority will be to start removing current unnecessary restrictions.Small business is the pulse of our economic reality. I will fight for the deregulation of restrictions currently imposed on our small businesses. We must deregulate to allow our business owners to succeed and continue to hire our hard working neighbors,” he concluded.
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