Shawnee city commissioners will consider several items during their Monday meeting, including repealing an ordinance that would create a new tourism board.

Shawnee city commissioners will consider several items during their Monday meeting, including repealing Ordinance No. 2487, which would replace the Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) with a new tourism board.

Ordinance 2487 was passed before new commissioners took office Tuesday, Sept. 4.

The ordinance passed after city commissioners severed an 18-year-old contract with the Greater Shawnee Area Chamber of Commerce to promote tourism. Through the contract, the chamber was to operate tourism through the CVB, which would be funded through the Hotel Occupancy Surcharge.

After severing this contract, the city commission created Shawnee Tourism Inc., which would promote tourism and receive funds from the Hotel Occupancy Surcharge. Ordinance 2487 was passed not long after, and legally made the board for Shawnee Tourism Inc. the driving force behind tourism promotion.

However, because the emergency clause in Ordinance 2487 did not pass, and the ordinance did not take effect immediately, the board for Shawnee Tourism Inc. was not seated.

Since taking office, Mayor Wes Mainord, and other new commissioners Linda Agee and Keith Hall have been working to resolve the conflict between the chamber and the city.

The ordinance is mentioned in two items on the agenda. One item involves repealing the ordinance, and another involves amending the ordinance to change its effective date.

Also included on the agenda is a public hearing and consideration of rezoning the property at 204 N. Louisa. There is a note along with this item that no action may be taken, as the Planning Commission has not given a recommendation.

The Planning Commission deferred this item to a special called meeting on Oct. 10, in order to give the petitioner time to address specific concerns.

Mayoral appointments to the advisory committee for the Shawnee Municipal Pool are also included. The six appointees include Terry West, Richard Finley, Nancy Ford, John Ayers, John Winterringer, and James Bryce.

Included on the Shawnee Municipal Authority is a presentation from Smith Roberts Baldishwiler LLC. The company was contracted to create a comprehensive utility system master plan in July.

The Shawnee City Commission will meet at 6:30 p.m. Monday, Sept. 17, in Commission Chambers in Shawnee City Hall.