Gas prices have been on the rise since Thursday, Sept. 6.

Prices began rising statewide after a 10-day slump beginning Tuesday, Aug. 28. The statewide average Aug. 28 was $3.68 per gallon and remained close to that until Sept. 6, when the state average was just below $3.65, according to

After Sept. 6 the Oklahoma average began rising steadily until Wednesday, Sept. 12 when the state averaged reached $3.75, according to The average then leveled off. The state average Friday, Sept. 14 was $3.74.

In spite of the rising gas prices, Oklahoma's average has continually stayed below the national average. The national average Aug. 28 was $3.79, or 11 cents higher than the state average, according to

The Sept. 6 national average was at $3.81 where it had stayed nine days. The national average was 13 cents higher than the Oklahoma average Friday, Sept. 14, or $3.87, according to AAA.

The Shawnee gas average was three cents higher than the state average at $3.77 per gallon. This was up 16 cents from the previous week and up 28 cents from the previous month.

AAA Oklahoma officials expect the gas prices to decline, in spite of the recent hike in prices.