Shawnee will be without a Tourism Advisory Committee as of Thursday, Sept. 20.

Shawnee will be without a Tourism Advisory Committee as of Thursday, Sept. 20.

"For about a month, there's a tourism advisory board with no members," City Attorney Mary Ann Karns said.

This is a result of an emergency clause not being passed at the Monday night city commission meeting. The emergency clause would have put the ordinance into effect immediately. Now, with Ordinance 2487 going into effect Thursday, Sept. 20, the Tourism Advisory Board will go into place despite having no seated members.

Because the ordinance repealing 2487 didn't have an emergency clause passed with it, the Tourism Advisory Committee will have to wait a month before meeting again. The committee cannot work on any new business, or enter into any new contracts for tourism until Ordinance 2487 is repealed on Wednesday, Oct. 17.

In spite of this, the Convention and Visitors Bureau, which is overseen by the Tourism Advisory Committee, will continue the business that has already been approved.

"We'll go with what tourism advisory approved at the last meeting," Nancy Keith, Chamber of Commerce President/CEO, said.

"This won't stop the work of the CVB," Keith said. "It'll only postpone us for a week."

The next Tourism Advisory Committee was scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 11. It will now have to be rescheduled.

"It's only one meeting and we were considering rescheduling anyway," due to Fall break and other conflicts, Gordana Rowell, executive director of the CVB, said.

While this prohibits the Tourism Advisory Committee from meeting in case of an emergency, Rowell, Karns, and Keith were in agreement that it shouldn't cause a problem.

There likely won't be any business that cannot wait until the next Tourism Advisory Committee meeting, Keith added.