Shawnee is down $100,000 for budgeted sales tax revenue in the first quarter.

While this is a lot of money, it is a only percentage of the operating budget, Finance Director Cindy Sementelli said.

"Our operating budget is $18 million," Sementelli said. "So $100,000 is just a small percentage."

While sales tax revenues have been down, revenue from franchise fees have been up this quarter, she said.

Franchise fees are gathered from electric companies, gas companies, cable companies, phone companies, and others.

Most of the revenue from franchise fees this quarter has come from the electric company, Sementelli said.

"It's been hot, so people have been using more electricity," she said.

The increased usage brought the franchise fees up.

"We aren't worried yet," Sementelli said of the budget. "It's concerning, but it's not panic-mode yet."

To increase the sales tax revenue, people will have to shop in Shawnee whenever possible, Sementelli said.

"People really need to concentrate on Shawnee," she added.