The Midland Street water line replacement is expected to begin in about a month.

The project, which was award to Jordon Associates for just under $500,000 at the Shawnee City Commission meeting Monday, Sept. 17. The project will replace the water line on Midland Street between Airport Drive and Kickapoo Street.

“For all practical purposes, the line will run from Airport to Kickapoo,” Randy Brock, assistant utility director, said.

Additionally, water lines between Midland Street and Federal Street on Bonita, Dorothy, and Pottenger streets will be replaced.

Decisions for line replacement are made based on the number of water line breaks, Brock said.

“It’s old and in bad disrepair,” he said. “It’s an old rotten line.”

The replacement is not expected to leave people without water, however circumstances may arise which leave people without water for short periods of time, Brock said.

“I wouldn’t think there would be extended periods of time,” he said. “It’s not like they’ll be without water from when we start to when we finish.”

“It would be a very short period of time,” Brock added.

The project, estimated to last three months, is one of many water lines that need replacing. The utilities department will know more once the Multi-Phase Comprehensive Utility Master Plan is completed.

Until then, the utilities department will continue making improvements where they can.

“This is more improvement that we’re excited about,” Brock said.

“It’s a problem that we’ll eliminate and that’s always a good thing,” he added.