The city of McLoud is experiencing a heavy boom in new structures and renovations, especially residential buildings.

The city of McLoud is experiencing a heavy boom in new structures and renovations, especially residential buildings.

According to McLoud City Manager Larry Dillon, the city experienced a 14 percent increase in population from 2000 to 2010.

“There’s a lot happening in McLoud,” Dillon said. “It’s a pot of water on the stove getting ready to boil.”

To keep up with the swell, the city has also seen a substantial rise in new and renovated houses.

Heritage Homes II, across from McLoud High School, was completed two years ago. Each new resident in each of the 39 of the homes constructed moved from Shawnee.

Heritage Homes III, which is currently under construction just down the road from Heritage Homes II, will include 22 new homes, Dillon said.

Dillon added that plans are in the works to build eight or nine new homes in Conrad Court.

Dillon said that McLoud is an attractive option for people looking to get away from the city life in Oklahoma City and Shawnee, thanks to its proximity to both cities and three highways.

“We’ve got everything that anybody could want,” Dillon said.

On Fifth Street and the surrounding areas, Eddie Schilb is renovating old houses and bringing in new houses for sale or rent by low-income families.

Bringing in new homes and renovating old ones, as opposed to building brand-new structures, has a tendency to skew new housing statistics since permit counts for new houses only apply to brand-new buildings, Dillon said.

No matter the exact criteria, Dillon said, McLoud is growing. In 2012, McLoud has welcomed 33 brand new homes in addition to nine that were completely renovated or brought in. In both 2010 and 2011, the city added nine brand-new, renovated or brought-in homes.

McLoud is welcoming new businesses in addition to new and renovated houses, including a new chicken restaurant in the old Giorgio’s restaurant building on McLoud Road.

In an effort to make the downtown area safer and more attractive, a sidewalk is being installed from the Historical Society to the Philips 66 gas station on Broadway and from the library to the police station on Main Street.

The project was made possible by an ODOT grant and is being handled by Rudy Construction, Dillon said.

Dillon, who has served as city manager for four years, said McLoud is in the right place at the right time and has all the amenities a city of its size could ask for and more.

“We have the lake [Wes Watkins Reservoir], low crime, excellent schools, the casino. In the past, the people of McLoud had all this great stuff, but they suffered from a lack of confidence.

“Now we’re getting out there.”