Two suspects were arrested for trespassing at 1201 E. Farrall.

Two suspects were arrested for trespassing at 1201 E. Farrall.

James Kenneth Seckel and Jason Dunning were arrested for trespassing at the location, according to police reports. The same location had recently seen a drug raid from Shawnee police. Prior to the raid, the compound had been declared unlivable and the power had been turned off.

Officers responded to the area after noticing a car inside the first gate. Two people, Kimberly Wilson and Gregory Smith, were in the car, according to police reports.

Both individuals were released at the scene, after verifying that they both knew about the posted “do not occupy” signs.

While at the residence, officers noticed a light in one of the trailers. When officers approached the trailer, they noticed the door was unlocked and partially open. Inside the trailer a man was lying on a coach near several knives and a pair of binoculars, according to reports.

Officers recognized the man from the raid, which took place earlier in the month.

The man then identified himself as Jason Seckel, the report read. Another suspect, Jason Dunning, was found, according to reports.

Both men were arrested for trespassing, but have since been released from the Pottawatomie County Public Safety Center.

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