Gas prices vary across the state and nation.

Gas prices vary across the state and nation.

Shawnee prices varied between $3.45 and $3.68 on Wednesday.

Kory Booster of Sallisaw said he usually fills up in Shawnee.

“Gas prices are too high,” Booster said.

He said he wasn’t sure what to blame for the prices, the oil and gas companies or the taxes added at the pump.

Regina Mize agreed that the prices are too high.

“I think that if the price doesn’t go down soon, people won’t even be able to go to work,” Mize said. “The economy will get even worse.”

While prices start at $3.45 in Shawnee, the state average was $3.43 Wednesday. Tulsa gas prices started at $3.14, and Oklahoma City prices ranged between $3.18 and $3.39.

The national average hovered around $3.74 Wednesday.

“Each community is it’s own market,” AAA Oklahoma Spokesman Chuck Mai said. “Then it boils down to competition.”

Within every market are market leaders, Mai said. These leaders will be the first to raise and lower prices, with others to follow.

“It’s a balancing act,” he said.

Sometimes a specific gas station will resist the market trend and keep their prices low to retain a larger part of the profits, Mai said.

“Certainly it’s trending downward,” Mai said of the declining prices.