Wouldn’t you agree that time is a wonderful thing when you have it on your side?

Wouldn’t you agree that time is a wonderful thing when you have it on your side?

For example, picture yourself on vacation. There is absolutely nothing more relaxing than enjoying your favorite beverage under an evening breeze, looking over a blue ocean, enjoying a beautiful sunset, and only having thoughts of how you are going to relax the following day, which has no deadlines.

In that situation, you definitely have time on your side, and it is a wonderful feeling.

Unfortunately, for most Americans, the stresses of earning a living and raising a family seems to leave us with exactly the opposite feeling.

We find ourselves, most of the time, running like a chicken with our heads cut off from one task to the next, feeling like there are not enough hours in the day to care of our responsibilities.

This is common, very stressful, and is certainly not good for our health.

Please trust me on this one, it has been my experience that as long as we live, this overwhelming feeling will never go away.

We are always going to be busy, so it is up to each of us individually to make sure that we take care of ourselves along the way.

I want to challenge you not to succumb to the pressures of our busy lifestyle and make time for rest, family, exercise and proper nutrition.

With planning, a positive attitude, and a little practice, you will soon discover there are definitely enough hours in a day to take care of your health and your responsibilities at the same time.

Don’t put pressure on yourself by rushing results with time deadlines.

Simply take time out of the equation by incorporating exercise, rest and proper nutrition as a daily way of life, and you are on your way.

Many exercise hopefuls improperly keep “time” in their fitness equation by looking ahead and seeing their exercise program as an exhausting six months or year of uncomfortable sweating that takes up more time and is overrated.

My friends, if you look at it that way, sure it will not be an appealing thought and undoubtedly will lead to discouragement.

Anything we can do to keep from being discouraged will help keep our program moving forward, because in my opinion, it is one of our worst fitness enemies.

Instead, my goal is to challenge you to see every day as another opportunity you can use to make improvements to your health, fitness, nutrition, weight loss goals and quality of life.

With time and effort, you can make time an ally to work for you, rather than against you.

Many have mastered the concept of taking time out of the equation and are now enjoying the increased benefits that come with consistency and daily efforts, and you can too.

Until next week, please go out and make it a healthy and nutritious day!

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