Shawnee City Commission voted unanimously to approve an agreement to repave and widen Kickapoo Street.

Shawnee City Commission voted unanimously to approve an agreement to repave and widen Kickapoo Street.

The project, which is being funded by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation and the City of Shawnee, will widen Kickapoo to four lanes from the Kickapoo Spur to MacArthur Street, as well as replace the water line.

Larry Clore, ODOT spokesman, confirmed that the Oklahoma Transportation Commission voted unanimously to award the bid to Haskell-Lemon construction for the amount of $11.3 million. This number includes incentives for the contractor to finish the road early.

“We’re happy that the project is approved and we hope to get started soon,” Clore said.

He added that construction will begin in 2013, but could not say when.

Dan Overland, Division 3 commissioner for the Oklahoma Transportation Commission, said, after the presentation on the bid, it was an easy decision for the commission.

“The department felt it was in the state’s best interest to go ahead,” Overland said. “We’re moving forward.”

Overland addressed the high bids, which came in well over the estimate. He explained that several things, including the water line, were underestimated.

“Sometimes that’s easy to do,” he said.

Another underestimate was from the old pavement. Originally ODOT estimated they would only need to haul off the old pavement once. However, there is nowhere to store the pavement, so it must be continuously hauled off. This leads to a higher cost, Overland said.

The commission thought it was a good bid, and didn’t believe waiting would get them a better one, he said.

“We anticipate that it wouldn’t get any cheaper if we waited and rebid it,” Overland said.

The city of Shawnee will contribute more than $2.1 million dollars. This will include 100 percent of non-participating costs, which includes the entire cost of the water line at 1.8 million. Additional non-participating costs came to more than $140,000.

The city was capped at $136,000 for participating road costs.

The city will pay a total of $2,150,715, or 19.68 percent, City Engineer John Krywicki said.

“It’s a great deal,” Krywicki said at the city commission meeting. “I strongly recommend approval.”

The city has already paid $1.3 million, so this leaves nearly $850,000 additional that the city will need to pay, Krywicki said. From the Kickapoo street fund, there is still more than $1 million which is more than sufficient to pay the remaining $850,000, he added.

Vice Mayor James Harrod moved to approve the agreement and Commissioner John Winterringer seconded. Commissioners voted unanimously to approve the agreement.