Unfortunately, many people have a hard time finding the energy and/or time to improve their health through exercise and proper nutrition.

Unfortunately, many people have a hard time finding the energy and/or time to improve their health through exercise and proper nutrition.

The truth of the matter is it doesn’t have to be that way any longer, because I am going to give you some solutions today.

I honestly believe the answer to this common problem starts with finding your motivation.

It may take trying a few things before you find it, but trust me on this one, there is something out there that will motivate you to exercise.

Some people are motivated by participating on a team.

If this is you, a great idea might be to sign up for the next available volleyball league or walking club.

Many succeed here because they just don’t want to let their teammates down on game nights by not showing up, even when that little voice says let’s stay home, eat a sugar or fat meal, and watch television.

The reason we exercise doesn’t matter, as long as it motivates us to achieve our physical activity requirements one or two nights per week consistently while participating on a team.

Folks there are so many reasons we should be exercising.

It is wonderful for staying healthy, keeping your independence, and losing unwanted fat.

It can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

I’ve seen it happen over and over again in my clients after participating in my exercise programs for any extended periods of time.

Exercise even strengthens your bones, helps lower the risks for poor health, improves your metabolism, makes you feel better, and even helps your body deal with stress.

And believe it or not, the holidays are a time when everyone needs a little stress relief.

So fitness friends, more consistent exercise during the holidays is the answer, not less and/or sporadic activity.

We all understand how good exercise is for us. But why do so many people not do it?

Well, some people may have had a bad experience with physical activity in the past, or maybe the fear of injury is a concern.

Others may even be intimidated because of their physical appearance or the fact they me be out of shape.

These are all understandable, but they are not good enough reasons to keep you from enjoying the active quality of life and improved health you’ll receive and deserve from regular exercise.

Here again, I truly believe the answer to the question above lies in our ability to find something that motivates us to participate.

For many years now, gym memberships continue to increase and fitness centers are popping up on every corner, in every city.


I think because health is one of the most important issues in the world today.

Right now folks, 2013 is the time to take responsibility for the health of ourselves, loved ones and friends.

It all starts with eating right, taking our vitamins, and exercising. You can absolutely do this.

If you’re that person who needs to get started on an exercise program, simply set realistic goals.

Tell yourself you are going to start exercising 20 to 30 minutes every other day, instead of thinking you are going to do an hour and a half six days a week.

Setting unrealistic goals will just make you feel overwhelmed, and encourage you to soon discontinue your program.

Also, you need to go in with the idea you do not have to be perfect.

Go ahead and accept up front there will be fitness setbacks and/or days you will have to miss workouts.

By doing this, you will be mentally prepared to deal with them, and continue your program when it happens.

Everyone will get sick or have conflicts, so when you miss, don’t let that be an excuse for giving up.

If you don’t like big gyms, hire a trainer, or do some walking around your neighborhood, or go to your local shopping mall.

And finally, reward yourself for sticking with your exercise program.

Please understand that rewards are not to be unhealthy treats, but instead should be something like a new outfit several sizes smaller than your last purchase, maybe a mini vacation, or tickets to your favorite concert or event.

As you are enjoying these rewards, it is a great idea to remind yourself that you are enjoying this treat because of the great things you have been doing for yourself.

Until next week, pleases make it a healthy and nutritious day!

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