The day after Christmas is a big day for trash haulers. Minimize your waste with a few simple wrapping decisions.

Most wrapping papers are recyclable but there are a few to stay away from if you want to cut back on waste this holiday season.

1.  Foil-lined and Glitter paper is out. It looks great but can't be recycled. If you've got to have it, consider re-using the paper for next year! Bows and ribbon too!

2.  Take the tape off. I know it's tedious but it really does help in the end.

3.  Heavily dyed paper can sometimes be a problem so stick with soy-based inks wherever you can.

Package Tips and Recommendations:

Gift bags are great! I use them for most everything I give. For the children in your life, consider using artwork, newsprint, decorated paper sacks or colorful boxes for their toys and goodies. What you teach them is important daily life should be important at Christmas too. Remember waste not, want not!