During a special meeting Wednesday night, the Tecumseh city council earmarked funds to purchase six surveillance cameras for Slick Humphrey Park.

During a special meeting Wednesday night, the Tecumseh city council earmarked funds to purchase six surveillance cameras for Slick Humphrey Park.

The council, during the Dec. 3 meeting, discussed putting up more lights in Slick Humphrey Park and possibly installing security cameras there because of ongoing problems with “destructive behavior.”

City Manager Jimmy Stokes reported the destructive behavior hasn’t been vandalism, but involved things such as persons taking picnic tables apart for use as ramps as well as being rough with some of the playground equipment.

The city, with help of a grant, has made many improvements to the park, including new skate park and playground equipment, a walking trail, and new restroom facilities, among other things.

“We’ve spent too much money to let people tear it up,” Stokes said at that meeting. “We’re not going to tolerate it.”

While discussion included the fact that Tecumseh police officers are patrolling and issuing some juveniles tickets, all agreed the officers can’t be at the park at all times.

Stokes reported Wednesday night that he wanted to use $10,100 from the 2012 budget for the cameras to deter vandalism, and will likely need that much from the 2013 budget to make the overall purchase.

He plans to purchase six cameras that will have wireless capabilities for monitoring off-site through web-based programs. The high-definition cameras also will have night vision as many incidents are occurring after dark, he said, and the cameras will be upgradeable for future growth.

Ward 2 Councilor Bob Stewart said he was a supporter of the cameras well before improvements were made at the park and made a motion of approval. With Stewart, Mayor Eddy Parker and Ward 4 Councilor Gene Crnkovic present, the motion passed.

The council planned to discuss appointment of a council member to serve in Ward 1 seat from Jan. 1, 2013 until he next general election. An appointment is needed as incumbent Lou Sutterfield didn’t file for re-election during the municipal filing period and there were no other candidates.

Tecumseh had one applicant for the post, but it was determined he didn’t live within the boundaries of Ward 1, the mayor said, so the agenda item wasn’t needed.

“We’re still in the hunt,” Parker said, adding the city is still looking for candidates willing to serve.

In other agenda item initially discussed Dec. 3, the council heard from Developer Norm Seaberg about supporting an application of Tecumseh Affordable Housing LP in efforts to build 20 units of affordable housing for senior citizens in Tecumseh.

Seaberg is applying for a tax credits based program in hopes of building the facility, with him asking for a resolution of support from the city that adds points that could help with a possible approval.

There was extensive discussion on the issue. And while the councilors agreed the city shouldn’t contribute monetarily to the project, it was more about waving inspection fees, tap fees and providing other in kind services in a pledge of support.

Stewart, who said he didn’t believe Tecumseh needed more low income housing, told Seaberg it was “nothing personal” but voted against the resolution of support, although it passed 2-1 with the votes of Parker and Crnkovic. Sutterfield and Vice-Mayor Linda Praytor were both absent.

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