Although a windstorm hit the area Thursday morning, no wind advisories are in effect for the Shawnee area.

Although a windstorm hit the area early Thursday morning, no wind advisories are in effect for the Shawnee area.

Wind gusts reached up to 48 miles per hour Thursday, according to the National Weather Service.

Such gusts knocked over the Gordon Cooper Technology Center entrance sign on Harrison Street.

Tracy Farley, public information officer for the center, said it is likely the post holding up the sign was already rotted. The post and sign will be replaced soon, he added.

“Other than that, we came through it just fine,” Farley said.

Several homes in Shawnee and Tecumseh lost power due to the heavy winds.

OG&E officials estimated that as many as 3,000 customers could have been affected with the two circuits that were out during the storm, spokeswoman Kathleen O’Shea said.

The number is so high because the two circuits fed power into other circuits, which then powered homes, O’Shea explained.

While 3,000 could have been affected, O’Shea added that less than 90 calls were received.

“It’s hard to know how many people were actually out,” she said.

This is partially because many of the outages were short lived and took place while customers were sleeping.

OG&E offered tips for customers when power goes out for weather-related reasons.

Keep flashlights, fresh batteries, candles, and lighters available at all times, as well battery powered clocks and radios. It is also important to keep phone numbers written down in a safe place, in case of an emergency.

In case of a winter outage, OG&E recommends customers keep their blinds open during the day to let in heat, and cover windows with drapes or blankets at night to keep from losing heat. Allow faucets to drip so they do not freeze, and never use gas or charcoal heaters inside a residence.