After a LONG break, the Gardens of Cross Timbers is back. We'll be brief...must go do mince pies and cookies. Review, Japanese Bridge and see you in the New Year.

20 December 2012 Blog

Happy Yule

Well, we have had a nice LONG break since the last blog was entered.  Let me refresh your memories.  Starting in early March, the Gardens of Cross Timbers Blog has covered such exciting topics as the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C., Improvements to our Japanese Garden in Shawnee, Hypoxylon Canker, The Hummers Arriveth, Earth Day, Jerusalem Artichoke Delight, Lake Pawnee Ethnobotany Walk, Red Dirt Gardening in Stillwater, The Grape Pot, Sky Dance Bridge to Water, Xeriscaping, What Struts, Booms and Spits, and one of the last entries was 10th September….”Along the Garden Path.” It was a continuation of progress in the Shawnee Japanese Garden spearheaded by an Eagle Scout Candidate and his troop.  After they redid the interior path of the garden heart, they focused on the small bridge.  Unfortunately, I was unable to elaborate since the blog was pulled and renovated.

The blog is back, and the bridge has been finished.  Sturdy, repaired and repainted, the bridge participated in a wedding held in early November.  The bride and groom with preacher stood on it during the ceremony.

We are still in drought, people.  If you value your trees or shrubs or perennials, you need to be watering your faves until we get actual moisture.  The last wind scoured the earth around my house, taking all the ground cover leaves with it.  I would recommend you go out, wake your lawnmower up from its deep sleep, and mow your leaves until they are finely chopped.  Cover bare spots or leave the shredded dead organs of photosynthesis where they lay so they can protect and enrich the ground….providing we eventually have moisture. 

It looks interesting for Christmas Day and the next day, (known as Boxing Day in England).  We may get some snow, but will probably have bitter cold following the pretty white stuff. This is the place where I say leave some faucets dripping or securely cover them.  Twelve degrees is cold at night, and twenty-two for a daytime high is some serious frigid weather.   Break the ice in your bird baths.  They will want fresh drinkable water, and I have yet to see a bird with an ice pick gain entry into a layer of ice over water.

To you and yours, a Happy Yule and come safely into 2013.  Prop your feet up and spend some time watching the Rose Bowl Parade.  It is probably one of the best on television.  Then check out the Home and Garden house afterward on HGTV.  If you enter the contest, you may even win that phenomenal house.  Whatever, the landscaping is usually worth a look.