Oklahoma Library Association's Sequoyah Book Awards is seeking a new logo.

The Oklahoma Library Association Sequoyah Book Awards is seeking a new logo, and needs some help finding it.

The OLA Sequoyah Book Awards New Logo Contest is open through March 31. The contest is open to any Oklahoma resident age 17 years or older, and any person wishing to participate is asked to review and abide by the rules posted on the OLA website at www.oklibs.org.

OLA is looking for a new logo that will get the youth of Oklahoma excited about reading. The logo will be used in marketing efforts targets to readers in 3rd through 12th grades. It should be clean, easily discernible, and digitally rendered, and entrants are asked to be aware of any copyright infringements or previously used logos.

The winner will receive an OLA Sequoyah Medal, an artist profile on the OLA web page and be recognized by the Oklahoma Library Association for their work. The winning artist will be credited with creating the new logo. The winner will also be posted on the OLA website, social networks, and may be interviewed by the local media.

All entries must be submitted electronically by March 31, 2013, to ola.sequoyahlogo@gmail.com and will become the property of the Oklahoma Library Association.

A final decision on a winning entry should be made by the end March. The contest will be judged by a committee consisting of the OLA Sequoyah Promotions Committee, a college representative, a book publisher representative and an Oklahoma youth representative.