Legislation which has been filed would eliminate a felony for law-abiding gun owners.

Legislation filed by state Rep. Paul Wesselhöft would eliminate a felony for law-abiding gun owners, he said.

Under current law, anyone found boarding a bus with a firearm, concealed or otherwise, would be guilty of a felony. House Bill 1558 would allow licensed gun owners to board a bus with their firearm without fear of reprimand.

“If we take the Second Amendment seriously, there is no reason why a concealed carry permit holder must be charged with a felony for simply boarding a public bus,” said Wesselhöft. “The data has shown again and again that it is rarely law-abiding gun owners who commit crimes.”

State Sen. Kyle Loveless, who will carry the legislation in the state Senate, said this is an issue of particular interest to urban Oklahomans.

“Buses are a common means of getting around in Oklahoma City and I believe we have nothing to fear from lawful gun owners. Gun ownership is a right given to us by the Second Amendment and as lawmakers, it is our duty to respect lawful gun owners and not treat them as criminals.”