One key ingredient to your weight loss and fitness success, my friends, is making focused decisions.

One key ingredient to your weight loss and fitness success, my friends, is making focused decisions.

We have to deal with so many variables each day that prevent us from attaining our fitness goals.

In regards to your health, numerous times each day we are faced with situations that will either help or hurt our chances of attaining our goals. I call these “crossroads.”

I truly believe your success is drastically impacted by the many decisions you make at these “crossroads” all day, each and every day.

Your first “crossroad” starts at breakfast. You have to decide between bacon, biscuits, and eggs, a meal replacement shake, oatmeal, or finally just skipping breakfast altogether because you woke up late.

It has been my experience that this decision is crucial in determining whether or not you will attain your weight loss goals.

If you skip breakfast you have now missed the most important meal of the day.

After waking from six to eight hours of sleeping and non-replenishment of food, skipping a meal is the last thing your body needs.

Seriously, it is time for your body to be nourished so that you can be productive throughout your busy day.

Secondly, if you skip breakfast you also miss the opportunity to speed up your metabolism, and we all know that a faster metabolism will help keep us lean and trim.

Here’s my question. At this crossroad, if our goal is to stay healthy, trim and lose fat, why would any other choice besides speeding up our metabolism, and providing our body essential nutrients be an option?

You will come up on these crossroads often until bed time, so please be prepared to meet them head on.

Snacks, lunch, dinner, exercise scheduling, and water consumption are a few crossroads that come to mind.

Please be ready to make a good decision that is consistent for your goals when the next one arrives.

It is also a very good idea to plan ahead.

Let’s say you are like many who have trouble eating large amounts of calories late at night.

Well, a little planning here could be something as simple as making a list and going to the grocery store and purchasing a two or three day supply of healthy snacks for convenient consumption when your next late night urge strikes.

By planning for this crossroad, you get to satisfy your late night craving without gaining weight at the same time.

My next question is, what would you have eaten had you not taken the time to have something healthy around?

And would it have kept you on track for your health and wellness goals?

These are the crossroads I challenge you to conquer all day, each day, and every night!

Your health, nutrition, and fitness program is like a freight train moving at a high rate of speed towards your goals.

Your train has the ability to stop at every railroad crossing. The doors can open, and you can hop off the fast track towards your goals, and head slowly in a different direction away from them, if you choose not to persist.

I challenge you to be so focused on your better health by staying on board with choices that never let you change directions at these crossroads.

Great decisions will keep your fitness train moving straight ahead at a high rate of speed towards healthy results.

It takes a little effort at first to master the crossroads, but with time, they soon become second nature.

This is my challenge for you today, make good decisions at your crossroads all day, every day to attain your health goals. You can do this!

Until next week, please make it a healthy and nutritious day!

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