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Legends in my hometown
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By Kristi Cox
Sometimes, living in a hometown your whole life can become routine and boring. Luckily, my imagination can turn any street, block, or event into a journey into another world. So join me on an adventure in my hometown.
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By Kristi Cox
March 4, 2013 8:47 a.m.

A sour-sweet smoky nectar plied my senses as I waited for the shuttering lights, our signal to find our seats. The curtain rose, and faces I did not know paced to and fro, their smiles and song—the deliciously witty banter grabbing both laughter and delight right from me! And among those faces I did not know, came the legends of my home town.
Who are these legends?
Once upon a time, Ardmore had a pool of talent known simply as, “The Group”. And two or three times a year, my grade school class would walk from Lincoln Elementary to the old Ardmore Middle School, a school that to this day I imagine Harry Potter might have found interesting. Watching “The Group” was magical, and even though the years passed, I spent both middle and high school attending those shows. Our crushes crooned out teen heart throb songs, Justin Beiber had nothing on them. Females, whom during the week you might not have realized could sing, suddenly blew you away with vocals that rivaled the radio. My first introduction to “Auntie Mame” captivated me in what is now Washington Theatre.
My mother still blames this play for me not having children.
A tear formed, watching the legends of my youth. They still look 17 to me, and for a moment I feel transported to another time, that same excitement of waiting for the theatre to darken and the curtain to rise. So cheers and applause to the entire cast of “Nine to Five” performed by the excellent cast of Ardmore Little Theatre, but also, to the legends of my youth, thank you for the many musical debuts I have watched you perform in; Sara Agnew Smith, Steve Brandenburg, Leslie Pryor Dvorack, and Tesa Peevey.
Amazing…the legends in my hometown.

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