Shawnee city and Pottawatomie County sales tax collections showed an increase in March over the same month a year ago.

By Mike McCormick

Shawnee’s city sales tax check this month showed an increase over March of 2013, and was the second consecutive month collections were up.

Pottawatomie County’s sales tax for March also was up over the same month a year ago.

Cindy Sementelli, city finance director and treasurer, reports that March sales tax receipts were up $34,726 this month or 2.76 percent compared to last year’s figures for the same month.

She said “the March sales tax amount received plus interest was $1,291,532 which

accumulatively for the fiscal year we are up $455,529 or 3.60 percent.”

According to the information provided by Sementelli, total sales tax collections for the current fiscal year which began July 1 are now $13,107,607. That is an increase of $764,116 over the same time period in the last fiscal year.

At this time a year ago, $12,343,491 had been received.

The $13,107,607 for the current fiscal year compares to the budgeted amount of $12,652,079. The amount budgeted is based on last fiscal year’s actuals plus 2.5 percent.

The city received a huge boost last month when February collections soared due to the recent sale of the local hospital to St. Anthony’s.

The February sales tax check received was $2,245,070.35.

Pottawatomie County’s one cent sales tax check for March also was up over a year ago.

County Treasurer Wendy Magnus reported this month’s check totaled $615,614.11. That compares to the $586,552.21. an increase of $29,091.90.