What can I do about insects in my home?

I have scorpions and spiders coming in my house, what can I do

I have recently had several phone calls regarding scorpions and spiders entering homes. Scorpions and spiders are both Arachnids and as such, they feed on other insects. They are coming in the home looking for prey.

The scorpions poison is in its tail while spider's venom is in its fangs. The poison is transferred through a bite. Primarily, it is the black widow, brown recluse, hobo and wolf spider that have the most venomous bites for the majority of the population. Scorpion stings are seldom life-threatening, but can be painful.

To control and eliminate these and other insects from the home, first apply the insecticide to the cracks and around baseboards on the inside of the home.

Second, spray the outside cracks and around the base of the home, out a foot from the house. Lastly, seal the cracks around the inside of the home with caulk. Be sure that the insecticide used is labeled for indoor/outdoor use and lists spiders and scorpions on the label.

Many of the permethrins are labeled for this use. Whether you are using a prediluted product or a concentrate, be sure to follow the label instructions.

For more information contact the OSU Extension Center, 14001 Acme Road, corner of MacArthur and Acme Road in Shawnee or 273-7683.