There are a lot of communities currently recycling in Oklahoma and some of them might surprise you.

Curbside recycling is catching on fast in Oklahoma. Large communities like Edmond, Norman and Oklahoma City have been recycling now for several years but now even small towns like Ada and Talequah are doing their part. Ada began curbside recycling program in 2011 after offering cardboard pick up and drop-off centers for several years. Over the past two years, program participation has shot up to 75%! Amazing for a town much smaller than Shawnee.

Midwest City City Commission voted 5-1 in support of a curbside recycling program in February. The program will begin in July and will cost citizens $2.75 per month. Allied Waste will offer a single-stream recycling option for everything but styrofoam. The contract requires Allied to provide incentives program to encourage recycling and certify that recyclables are not going into the landfill. Citizens will also be given a discount for choosing a smaller 65-gallon trash can rather than the standard 95-gallon can. The City of Shawnee offers the same option now. Midwest City has a third more households in their community than Shawnee does.

We'll be watching carefully to see how Midwest City's program develops in hopes of learning a few things for our own program in Shawnee. Recycling is in the air and it's only a matter of time before curbside will be available in our fair city as well. Interested in curbside recycling for Shawnee? Visit and send your commissioner a email. Let him or her know the curbside conveinence is of value to you!