Great food, nice people, new adventure in your hometown.

Spring break is finally here and families are racing back from spring break trips, those final days of kids enjoying a break from tests, homework, and chores are counting down quickly! But Ardmore still has a few things to offer for the families who stayed local and those who are just getting back. With the weather varying from cool to hot, each day brings a new adventure! Maybe you grab your hiking shoes and head up to Turner Falls for a day of trail climbing. Or you grab a metal detector and search the Lake Murray floor for lost treasures, stopping by the Bookseller for a book on pirates to add some folklore to the day. Pack a pic nic lunch and a sweater and today is a full day of adventure waiting! If you want to stay in town more, hit up some of the antique shops out on Veterans Blvd. And while your there, check out Ricardo's Mexican Food. Owned by Anita and her husband Richard, and helped out by their daughter, this family creates mexican food that is fresh and not a bit of grease in sight. If mexican food can be healthy, they have done it! Try the home made salsa, even take home a jar for later. The chicken enchiladas explode with the white flaky shredded chicken packed into a fresh corn tortilla. I normally do not care for rice, but wow! Enjoyed the flavor filled texture of their version. I had Carne Asada which is similar to taco el pastor except it is made with beef tips. One bite and I found myself remembering my spring break in college, and a 3:00am taco in Matamoros. To this day, I have no idea whether it was beef or some other locally sourced meat. But the older man's sizzling stirs against the tortoise shell-styled metal cook basin paired with his carefully layered cilantro, onion, jalapano, lime and just a touch of a crumbly white coijta type cheese have led me to always seek out that perfect taco. So drop in at Ricardos for a breakfast burrito, hearty not heavy lunch, and take some salsa to go! And have your own adventure in your hometown!