Central Disposal, Faith 7 partnering for jobs.

A local recycling program benefits multiple Shawnee organizations, as well as allowing locals access to recycling.

Central Disposal has two locations for recycling goods. The first is in the Homeland parking lot on Kickapoo and Independence Streets. The second is at Central Disposal, 700 E. 45th Street.

Faith 7 partners with Central Disposal to sort the recycling. This allows them to give individuals employment, as well as teach them marketable skills.

“This provides them with work to do everyday,” Keven Scrutchins, Faith 7 director, said. “It’s a great deal.”

This program allows individuals to recycle paper, plastic, metal and aluminum cans, and cardboard.

“It’s pretty valuable,” Scrutchins said. “It helps us immensely.”

He added that he wants to thank Central Disposal for this opportunity.

“I can’t reiterate enough how wonderful Central Disposal is,” Scrutchins said.