Cold, windy weather is making a return to the area today and early part of this week.

Winter is making a return to Shawnee early this week with morning temperatures in the mid-20s, according to the National Weather Service.

Forecaster John Pike said a light snow and rain mix may begin Sunday morning, but it is expected to be a “light dusting,” if anything at all.

Sunday afternoon is expected to warm up to the mid-40s, before dropping back into the mid-20s.

“The mornings this week are going to be kind of wintery,” Pike said.

Monday afternoon temperatures are expected to climb to the high-40s after a cooler morning. Additionally, the day is expected to be fairly sunny with little chance of rain.

After a cold mid-20s morning, Tuesday’s temperatures are expected to rise into 50s. The day is expected to be partly cloudy, with a low, 10 percent chance of rain.

Wednesday may bring a return of spring, with temperatures near 70 in the after noon. Wednesday is also expected to be partly cloudy, with a 10 percent chance of rainfall.