Sheriff, commissioner, team up to clean up and target illegal dumping.

Cleveland County Sheriff Joe Lester and Cleveland County District 2 Commissioner Darry Stacy are working in partnership to “Clean-up Cleveland County.”

With the collaboration of the City of Norman and the City of Moore, Stacy and Lester will target illegal dump sites and littering problems in District 2.

Employees of Commissioner Stacy and Sheriff Lester will be attempting to locate, investigate and insure clean-up of illegal dump sites that are so costly to the county taxpayers.

Illegal dumping and littering are problems that require a partnership of collective governments, citizens and organizations.

Cleveland County tax payers foot the bill each year for costs associated with illegal dumping. The amount adds up to thousands of dollars. Littering and dumping pollutes land and waterways. It is also a crime.

Stacy initiated the partnership to bring teeth to the problem of dumping in the county. “Littering and illegal dumping is unacceptable and against the law,” Stacy said. “We have a beautiful county and we owe to our children and future generations to keep it that way. This is an issue that affects us all.”

Lester said he is excited to begin the process. “I’m so impressed with Commissioner Stacy’s desire to address this problem,” Lester said. “It is so nice to have another elected official willing to help us as we deal with this on-going problem. I know we will have great success in District 2.”

District 2 and sheriff’s employees will combine their individual duties and skills in this effort. The goal is to eliminate as many dump sites and littering issues as possible.

Sheriff employees will work to gather the necessary evidence for criminal prosecution for violators. District 2 employees will assist in the clean-up of dump site and littering in that district.

Anyone who observes someone littering or dumping illegally may call CCSO at 701-8888 or the CCSO Tips Line and report the crime.

Citizens can also contact District 2 at 366-0200. When reporting an incident, please include the location, time and date, description of the violator and vehicle if possible.