Cleaning up the community,

Several years ago a west coast university conducted research concerning the effect of roadside landscape on the attitudes of people as they drove to work.

The results showed that people who viewed attractive areas as they drove to work approached their day with a more positive attitude than those who drove through blighted or heavy industrial areas.

The folks who pass MacArthur Park on their way to work are sure to get a positive attitude adjustment when they see the beautiful tulips, pansies, hyacinths and other attractive landscaping. After a while these blooms will be at the end of their cycle, but will be replaced with other seasonal flowers.

Now is a good time to check out your yard for blooming bulbs. You might want to take some photographs of them for your records so that next fall you will know what you have and can avoid over planting or can supplement your existing landscape with other bulbs.

I have had excellent results with daffodils and hyacinth bulbs. Not only do they return to bloom every year, they also tend to multiply so that additional blooms are present the next year.

My experience with tulips is mixed. I have some that come up through a ground cover by a rock wall every year. I can’t remember planting them there. On the other hand in an area where I planted 25 tulips that were touted as being perennial only three or four return each year.

It is recommended that the foliage of bulbs be allowed to wither and dry before it is removed. This helps develop the existing bulb. In one bed where I have several stands of daffodils, I have planted daylilies and Asiatic lilies in front.

As their foliage grows it will mask the view of the browning daffodil foliage.

Another result of the study mentioned above is that customers were more inclined to shop at businesses whose landscaping and entrance areas were neat and clean.

It didn’t have to be elaborate and beautiful, but it did need to look like someone cared about the property. Oklahoma and the city of Shawnee will be observing “Trash-Off Day” on Saturday, April 20 with assignments available that day at Woodland Park. Mark this on your calendar and help make Shawnee look like we care about our surroundings.