Gordon Cooper Technology Center to host training on farm safety, machinery.

Farm Safety is a major concern. “More accidents per occupational hour occur in agriculture than any other occupation,” said Ross Sestak, Lincoln County Extension Educator.

Lincoln County OSU Extension and Gordon Cooper Technology Center would like to invite youth ages 14 and older to participate in a Tractor and Machinery Certification Program.

This educational course will be held at Gordon Cooper Technology Center–April 22-23 and 25 and April 29-30 and May 2.

The course will begin at 6 p.m. each evening and conclude by 10 p.m. Twenty hours will be devoted to instruction and 4 hours will be devoted to practice driving and evaluation. It is imperative that students attend all sessions.

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, “youth under the age of 16 shall not be employed in agriculture in an occupation that the Secretary of labor declares to be particularly hazardous unless the child is employed by their parents”.

Exemptions allow employment of minors 14 and 15years of age if they have successfully completed a tractor and machine operation course, been instructed by their employer on safe operation of their specific equipment, and are closely supervised by their supervisor.

“If you are new to agriculture and want to learn more on the safe aspects of machinery operations or are interested in training to be able to pursue summer employment opportunities this course has many benefits to offer,” said Sestak.

The training cost will be $25.00 payable to Lincoln County OSU Extension. This fee includes the cost of educational material and refreshments for the six training sessions. For more information concerning the training, including enrollment in the program contact the Lincoln County Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service at 405-258-0560 The Medical Release, Minor's Release and training fee are due in the Extension Office by April 12.