What to do in controlling diseases on trees.

What can I do to control the diseases on my ornamental and fruit trees?

The wetter weather (relatively) of spring provides the moisture needed for many tree diseases to spread.

Now is the time to be controlling diseases on fruit trees, conifers and ornamentals. Captan is a synthetic product that will control a number of diseases on leaves and fruiMore organically-labeled choices include the liquid copper compounds, Bordeaux mixture and lime sulfur. These products can also control diseases on conifers and ornamentals. Be sure to only apply the copper twice a year and when the weather is less than 90° F.

The copper fungicides will also help control bacterial diseases such as Fireblight on apples, pears, crab apples and Bradford pears. Removing the diseased material before spraying will improve effectiveness of the treatment. Fireblight can also be controlled with streptomycin (Bonide or Ferti-lome Fireblight Treatment). Remember not to spray fruit tree blooms with insecticide as it will reduce pollination and harm the bees.

For more information contact the OSU Extension Center, 14001 Acme Road, corner of MacArthur and Acme Road in Shawnee or 273-7683.