Earlsboro school patrons also voted in support on a bond issue.

Several local municipal races were decided Tuesday night, including school bonds and city rates.

In Maud, three city council races were decided.

In a three-way race for Ward 1, Randy Horn took 70 percent, or 89 votes. Opponents Terry McCracken and Carl Parramore took 29 and eight votes, respectively.

Ward 2 was also a three-way race, with Don R. Lam winning outright with 53.5 percent, or 65 votes. James Haws took 49 votes, and Roger Cunningham took 10 votes.

Ward 4 contender Woody I. Hopkins won, taking 80 votes, or 65 percent. Lisa Armstrong took 42 votes.

Additionally Maud School Board also held a run-off for their Office 3. Amy Bassett took 58 percent of the vote, with a total of 112 votes, and Scott Bruno took 81 total votes.

McLoud had four city council races, with three being decided, and one ending in a run-off.

Tim McGuinness won a four-way race for the Ward 3 seat, taking 285 votes for a total of 64 percent. Jon Barrett took 119 votes, Pete Pendley took 26 votes, and Ann Pearce took 11.

Ward 4 also claimed an outright winner with Thomas Morris taking 265 votes for 60 percent of the vote. Opponents Chandra Heitzinger and Ronald Kenyon took 33 and 139 votes, respectively.

Philip Leslie Solinger took the Ward 1 seat with 65 percent of the vote for a total 288 votes. Challenger Becky Carpenter took 151 votes.

The five-way race for Councilmember-at-Large did not see an outright winner, and a run-off is expected. James Woods took 48 percent of the vote, with 213 votes, and Ruben Abilez, Jr. took 30 percent with 132 votes. Steven Michael Tomaszewski took 61 votes, Robbie D. Remington took 23 votes, and Frank Pearce took 11 votes.

Earlsboro Public Schools had two bonds pass, the first time a bond had passed for them since 1971.

The first asked voters to approve an improvement bond for $495,000. This passed with 71 percent of the vote, or 71 votes, and will go toward replacing the high school’s cast iron plumbing, installing new tiles in the elementary school, and purchasing a new marquee sign for the school, along with other projects including construction of a bus barn.

The second proposition was for $80,000 to purchase a new school bus. This passed with 72 percent of the vote, or 75 votes.

Konawa Public Schools held an election for their Office 3 seat, with Tammie Tooley taking the seat with 55 percent, or 128 votes. Opponent Katie Akerman took 104 votes.

Pink also held an election for their Board of Trustee Office 2 seat. Harvey Babbit Jr. won with 6 votes for 55 percent. Jamille Parris took five votes for 45 percent.