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A California coast kind of night...at Ardmore's Rod and Gun Club
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By Kristi Cox
Sometimes, living in a hometown your whole life can become routine and boring. Luckily, my imagination can turn any street, block, or event into a journey into another world. So join me on an adventure in my hometown.
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Tahitian Walkway
Kristi Crutchfield Cox
Tahitian Walkway
By Kristi Cox
April 5, 2013 12:55 a.m.

Tonight was spectacular. An eve that simply transcended time and location, couldn't have been any better had we been on the California coast. Pulling up to Dornick, we were greeted by a stretch limo, lit inside, the slightly etched glass design framing the familiar trees and landmarks beyond. Settling back, the various attendees chatted, some were familiar, some new faces. Turning into the drive, the sun's first peek from behind the clouds cast a glow across the pond, rather a lake.
The old Rod and Gun Club, newly renovated, fiercely loved. Samantha and David Crook have brought this place to new life. Glancing out, birds hovered mid air, their reflection shimmering against the ripples a small breeze created. Lights twinkled against the darkened water, a long winding wood bridge built Tahitian style, bright blue orbs dangled in the gazebo centered between the two bridges. Hot pink bouganvilla lined the path, adding to the illusion that you had been transported to a tropical isle. Pulling up, the sites and sounds of a band setting up electrify the air with the school girl excitement of live music. Friends from years past, faces not seen for while, and smiles of friends well known intertwined amidst a Sonoma Valley style courtyard. Several living areas created our seats for this outdoor venue. Stepping across a small rock walkway, a cascading waterfall, our own Bellagio, sang a soft murmer to us as we passed. Our sommelier stood ready, offering savory wines such as "Steakhouse" Cabernet, delicious and crisp. Two Frogs added spice to our eve serving up Jambalaya and cornbread, "Naw Oleans" style. To ward off the chill, heaters and a fireplace welcomed cold hands to huddle near.
Imagine watching the sun set while listening to music that simply asked you to stay and then made you smile, gave you a naughty thought, brought a memory back...and that is what these muscians did. An eve with Tommy Castro..
Just another simple night...in our hometown.

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