It has been a longtime since we have this much rain at once!  We really need the rain, especially after such a dry winter.  However, there are a few issues for home owners when we receive a lot of rain in short periods of time. 

Here are a few tips to check out and think about:

Is there water standing around your home foundation?  If so, it is important to slop the ground away from your foundation, or make sure your gutter system allows for water to run away from the house or other structures. Is there water in your basement or cellar?  Now is the perfect time to check out if there are any leaks in your basement or cellar.  Don’t wait till next week when they are calling for severe weather to find this out!  Are your window sills or thresholds wet or moist?  This can be a sign that you may need to improve the weather stripping around your doors or windows.    Did you see large amounts of water coming over your gutters?  This is a sign that you need to do the spring maintenance of cleaning them out.  Some may be clear, while others may have leaves and debris preventing them from working well. Now is also the time for you to check out where you might want to add dirt to your yard or flower beds.  If there are large puddles in your yard or landscaping adding dirt or sand to level the surface may help you later in the season with mowing or proper irrigation. This amount of rain also gives home owners a chance to see if there are any leaks in their roof.  It’s important to catch these leaks in the attic, before they become visible on your ceiling.  A lot of damage can occur if leaks go undetected for years. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to see your house in a “soggy” state.  It may not happen again for a while!  In July, I will tell you all the things to look for during a drought.  Gotta love Oklahoma!!