Since this is my first blog, it might be a little long today. I just feel that it is important for you to get to know me. I was born in Oklahoma and my wife's name is Betty Lou Thelma Liz. I’m not responsible for what I’m thinking because my mother made me what I is.  I'm sorry, my apologies to Jerry Jeff. Sometimes growing up in Southern Oklahoma I just feel like my whole life is a song. I have two grown children, a daughter who is a critical care nurse in the OKC area, and a son that lives in Colorado Springs who is a long-haired hippie-type pinko $#% I bet you he's even got a commie flag tacked up on the wall inside of his garage. Wait! Sorry, Charlie! There I go again. Anyway, I have a beautiful wife along with two wonderful grown step-daughters who live in Oklahoma, also.

I think the fact that I am writing this blog reeks of irony, considering the fact that this very paper was considering suing me for libel and slander some twenty years ago. Some of you may not know me, but remember an answering machine that I had for several years which had messages making fun of everyone from the President to myself.  The answering machine message went something like this, if memory serves me correctly, and there is a great possibility it doesn't as I have a hard time remembering where my cell phone is as I'm talking on it, or my glasses are when they are on top of my head and my GPS is when it is on my wrist.

"Thank you for calling the Daily Ardmoreite. For general typos and misspellings, please press one. For a more serious mistake, like getting the deceased and survivor mixed up, press 2." I had a couple of other things which I can't remember and the last item was, "In the unlikely event that you are calling to congratulate us on a job well done, please hold and  a live operator will be right with you."

Now most people thought that it was extremely funny, although the good folks at the paper at that time did not have a keen a sense of humor as the general public did. I'm sure it is standard practice in small towns to make fun of your local paper and even the big city papers make mistakes, as well. That being said I have been an ardent reader of our paper for years. I have heard the criticism that newspapers are written on a ninth-grade level. I seldom like to post anything that I cannot verify, so I had my research staff of Bubba and Billy Bob check it out. It didn't take them long to debunk this myth. They say if our local paper was written on a ninth-grade level, it would be far above the average reading level of most Southern Okies!