Once again disaster has struck here on my two acres of paradise....

Surprise Gardening

Linda Workman Smith

Once again disaster has struck here on my two acres of paradise. After last night’s wind and thunderstorms-- with my hubby off to his day job—this morning I began another typical day. Promptly at  7:00AM, I have two hungry German Shepherds impatiently pacing outside my back door, wondering if this will be the day—after all these years—that I forget to feed them. From a large container in the garage I scooped up their individual portions. Gracie is quite the pig and is on a “weight control formula” while Luther is long and lean and doesn’t require a special diet. But that’s another story; on to my main saga.

Much to my dismay, when I opened the back door to feed the hungry masses, there lay my mini-greenhouse; face down it was blocking access to my patio. Faster than a speeding bullet! Out through the garage, up on a lawn chair, I reached over the side gate and unlocked it. Then maneuvering between two anxious dogs to the back door I beheld total disaster. I had to tip the little greenhouse to drain off water that had pooled on the plastic back before I could even upright it. There in a mound underneath were my three flats of seedling—that had been carefully marked—now in total disarray. I collected them as best I could back into their respective positions within the trays but of course some will be unidentifiable as to variety until they are much larger; thus the “surprise gardening.” As seen in the pictures, they are now on my dining table waiting to be sorted and re-potted.

So in gardening as in life, when you get thrown a curve ball—just come out swinging.

Happy gardening,

Linda Workman Smith

Multi-County Master Gardener Association