Is there anyplace that we are safe now? We worry about our children and grandchildren at their schools. Now even something as innocuous as participating or watching a marathon is dangerous.

My recent reaction was at first, like a lot of you.  I was in shock, then came sadness. There is no understanding the sad, pitiful people who want to kill and maim innocent people.

 I read about people that questioned having the OKC Memorial Marathon on April 28th. This marathon as most everyone knows is to remember the 168 lives lost in the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.

Old feelings start to well up, ghosts of feelings past if you will. I remember all too well the feelings after 9/11 and I start to get very angry.  I started to say that I am not going to let terrorists run my life and change how I do things, but that is wrong. My resolve is strengthened by the cowardly bullies who destroy, whether it be through an explosive device or a firearm. I am doing something completely different. Like most of you I had no intention whatsoever of doing a race a week from Sunday, but now I couldn’t be kept from it. I am walking/running to remember all of the people killed on the soil of this country. Myself and some of my family members had run and even placed in the OKC Marathon Relay Family Division for a couple of years. A couple of the team members are in better shape than when we participated, the rest, or at least, speaking for myself, am in a lot worse shape.  If I can’t convince my family to get a relay team or two together, I will walk the entire 26.2 miles myself.


Engraved on the marathon’s trophies is “WE RUN TO REMEMBER,” Indeed we do. I shall be the pudgy little bald guy that is, at one point, walking along with tears streaming down his face thinking of lives and innocence lost and in the next instant is running with a determined look because somebody has passed him who is even more pudgy than him.

This is my small tribute to all of those lives lost, including law enforcement and emergency responders and just a tiny way of saying, “It’s no good! You have not won! Good triumphs evil every time!”