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  • Local store closes its doors, new store to follow this fall

  • Jinger Bernhardt, a local resident, said she’s sad to see Old Navy closing.
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  • Jinger Bernhardt, a local resident, said she’s sad to see Old Navy closing.
    “That’s where I buy all my clothes for my family,” Bernhardt said. “I guess I will be
    making more trips to Oklahoma City.”
    Old Navy’s Shawnee location is closing its doors Thursday, prompting many residents to make the trek to Oklahoma City for their clothes shopping.
    Bernhardt said she stopped by Old Navy, but was too depressed to ask if there was a
    going out of business sale.
    Brytnee Tucker, a former Tecumseh resident who plans on returning to the area, said Old Navy is one of the stores in the mall she visits when in Shawnee.
    Gary McClelland, another local resident, said he actually prefers to drive to Oklahoma City, or to do his shopping online.
    “The shopping here is kind of lacking,” McClelland said. “It’s just the frustration of
    going in, and they don’t have what you’re looking for, but they can order it.”
    McClelland said his wife often has to shop in the city because local stores won’t have to shoe size or the specific item she wants.
    “It’s just kind of frustrating,” he said.
    McClelland added that he is sad to see Old Navy close its doors, and that he hopes that Shawnee will begin being treated as a larger market. Part of the problem, he said, is that Shawnee is seen as a small market, so the stores and restaurants are smaller.
    But with things constantly being out of stock, Shawnee is evidently not as small of a
    market as people believe, McClelland said.
    Shawnee City officials Wednesday were unable to say how Old Navy’s closing could affect city sales tax.
    Gap officials issued a statement regarding the closing of Old Navy.
    “We are constantly evaluating our store fleet to ensure we have the right stores in the right locations to best serve our customers,” A Gap spokesman said Wednesday.
    The spokesman added that they were not able to give specifics as to why the Shawnee location was closing, but said things which are evaluated include existing store base, market demographics, and sales potential.
    Gap owns Old Navy, along with other brands.
    While Old Navy is leaving, the space will not remain vacant for long. A JoAnn’s Fabrics store is anticipated to open there this fall, JoAnn’s officials confirmed. This store specializes in fabrics, crafts, and other hobby supplies.
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