A server crash is causing major delays in online testing in schools across Oklahoma.

A server crash is causing major delays in online testing in schools across Oklahoma.

Shawnee, Tecumseh and McLoud Public Schools have all confirmed that while attempting to complete the Oklahoma Core Curriculum or End of Instruction tests, students experienced a message that read, ‘lost connection with server’ and had to hold off testing.

Allison Brown, Director of Academic Services and Technology at Shawnee Public Schools, said the message also stated that it would take up to an hour for the connection to reconnect.

“Approximately 100 students were affected at Shawnee,” Brown said.

Brown said the errors are not with any particular subject, although on Tuesday it was during the math exam. Schools were told after issues with Monday’s exams that the issue had been fixed, but once the students began testing again Tuesday, the connection was lost, according to both Shawnee and Tecumseh school officials.

State Department of Education staff and testing company CTB/McGraw-Hill are continuing to fix the server problem. The company has two contracts for $15 million for state testing.

Tecumseh assistant superintendent Julie Dawson said the State Department of Education has been good to keep the schools updated via email on when to begin and stop testing. She said communication has been very helpful.

“Everything has been good until Monday. We are continuing to test even with the errors,” Dawson said.

A big concern for graduating seniors is the fact that Oklahoma high school students must pass at least four of the seven EOI tests to graduate and this is the last week of Oklahoma’s April testing window.

Brown said Shawnee schools have put in a request for an extension of the Friday deadline, but as of now it is still the same. Schools across Oklahoma have done the same in hopes of rescheduling statewide.

Some school districts in Oklahoma were advised to cancel online testing because of the server crash, according to state officials, but some students were able to complete tests.

Some online tests have alternates available but because of the server crashes, state Education Department officials told schools most incomplete tests will be invalidated and require pencil-paper testing.

Right now both Shawnee and Tecumseh schools plan on continuing testing with advice from the State Department of Education.

“All we can do is monitor it from the state level,” Brown said.