Need to clean in a hurry? Here are some tips!

It happens to everyone.  You are enjoying a quiet Saturday at home and get a phone call that people are on their way, or you are out with friends and everyone decides to head to your house!  With Graduation events and Mother’s Day around the corner, here are a few quick cleaning tips to get you by in a pinch!

One suggestion has been around for years, which I love and have used a time or two!  Put all your dirty dishes on a cookie sheet and put them in the oven until everyone is gone.  Of course, if you have a dish washer, just throw them in and rearrange later.

Remember, to only focus on places your company will going in your house.  Living room, bathroom and kitchen/dining room will usually get you covered. 

Ran across this idea and will definitely be giving it a try.  Get an empty laundry basket and put socks on your hands – stay with me!!  As you go through your rooms picking up items that don’t belong.  Put items in the basket and wipe surfaces with your hands!  You can pick up and knock that layer of dust off in no time.  

Grab a wet mop and spot check your floors.  Grab the vacuum and go over the high traffic spots on rugs or carpets (remember, just the living room)! 

For those households with pets, this time of year is horrible for shedding.  Nothing is more embarrassing then your guests getting up off your couch covered in Fiddo or Fluffy’s fur!  If you already have the vacuum out then quickly go over the furniture where guest will most likely set.  Another quick tip is a lint brush or even rubber gloves.  Of course, if you are already wearing the socks on your hands this could pose a problem!      

Same the bathroom for last since you can always take a quick trip in there even if your guests have arrived!  Add cleaner to the toilet and flush it.  Hide the trash can under the sink and put up clean hand towels.  Shut the shower curtain and use a wet rag to wipe off the countertops. 

Now, this speedy cleaning will only work if you do some basic routine housecleaning at least once a week.  You can’t expect to take a place from a wreck to spotless without a little more effort than what is described here!