Plans for the new Shawnee City Pool are still underway, James Bryce, director of operations, said.

Plans for the new Shawnee City Pool are still underway, James Bryce, director of operations, said.

While the pool will not be open during the 2013 season due to health and wellness issues, the city is working with the Troy and Dollie Smith Family Y.M.C.A. to allow for community members to use the Y.M.C.A. pool for similar prices to the city pool and during similar hours, without a membership, Bryce said.

The city is also working on plans to provide transportation from Woodland Veteran’s Park to the Y.M.C.A., Bryce said.

Additionally, the recommendation from the pool committee will be heard at the May 20 city commission meeting for full commission approval, Bryce said.

Waters Edge Aquatic Design will make a presentation regarding the design, and will explain cost. The city commission has allotted up to $3 million for this project, Bryce said.

During his presentation, Bryce said he will also explain how this project will be paid for.

Bryce declined to discuss specifics regarding the pool design, which he said was based largely upon public comments.

Bryce did say that the exterior of the pool house would remain in tact, while the interior would be redesigned.

“We did manage to the save the building,” he said.

Due to contract negotiation issues with the first design company, the project is slightly behind schedule, however Bryce said he is working with the pool committee to make up for lost time.

“We are moving as quickly as we can,” Bryce said.

“We’re still right on target to open for the 2014 swim season,” he added.

The pool committee initially opted to work with Larkin Aquatics for the redesign, however the terms of the contract could not be agreed upon. The committee then opted to work with Waters Edge instead, and the contract was approved by the Shawnee City Commission.

The pool could not be reopened in 2013 due to health and wellness issues, and requires extensive repair. It has been in use since World War II, and in that time has only received four upgrades.