I was dismayed to see a friend of mine the other day post this as her status on Facebook:

“Man, people are so mean! My little one, literally just broke my heart. He asked, ‘Mommy, do I have brown skin?’ I said yes, with a smile. He very sadly, with watery eyes, said, ‘I don't want brown skin anymore. Can we make it lighter?’ When I asked him why, he explained that 3 boys at school have been teasing him and said, ‘They don't play with brown skins.’ “ Just heart-breaking! Racism and ignorance are sadly still very much in existence.

Indeed they are and we are ALL guilty of it in some form or another. I started thinking about the who the "brown skins" are in my life, so I wrote this.



Just for this day, may I not judge a person because of the color or shade of their skin.

For one day, may I not judge someone because of their religion or lack thereof.

For a single day, may I not pre-judge a family because of their mansion or shanty.

For twenty-four hours, may I not judge people based on their higher or lower education.

For one day, may I not discriminate against a person because of their outward looks.

For today, may I treat people the same regardless of their political affiliation.

Just for this day, may I treat all people, religions, races, classes and groups the same, regardless of whether they are just like me or at the opposite end of the spectrum.

Just for this day may I love and respect everyone and treat them the way that I wish to be treated.