Measure would raise equipment allowance from $150 to $300 a month.

House Representative Mike Christian is pleased to announce a measure that would increase the equipment allowance for Oklahoma’s State Troopers.

House Bill 1794 would increase troopers’ allowance from $150 a month to $300. The increase in funds would come from money previously used to subsidize the Drivers’ License Division which the legislature freed up earlier this session. If approved by the legislature, this would effectively give troopers an $1,800 raise. Troopers have not seen an equipment allowance increase since the early 1990’s.

“Troopers often work alone on our highways and are the first responders in the rural areas of our state,” said Christian, R-Oklahoma City. “They often must stand against great dangers alone. To do their job safely and efficiently, troopers often buy their own equipment so they can protect themselves and the citizens of Oklahoma during dangerous situations. This increase will ensure our troopers have the best tools for the job.”

“Public safety is of the highest priority to this office,” said House Speaker T.W. Shannon, R-Lawton. “We must make sure our troopers, who are often this state’s first line of defense against crime, are properly equipped and have access to resources that will help them better do their job. Our troopers are one of this state’s greatest assets, and this proposed increase shows this chamber values their commitment to service.”

HB 1794 must be approved by both the chambers of the Oklahoma Legislature before being sent to the desk of Gov. Mary Fallin to be signed in to law.