Get out of the house! Easy fun in your own backyard.

So, let’s begin by stating that I am not the most computer savvy, and tend to be somewhat directionally challenged at times; however, the idea of a high tech treasure hunt does peak my interest.  That is why I decided to do a little investigation into geocaching and the idea that this could be a really cool idea of families to use this summer. 

As we head into the long stretch of summer vacation kids begin to get restless and need something new to do.  This is a great tool for parents or grandparents to use for a day long, or even summer long adventure.  Parents and Grandparents, don’t worry, just hand the GPS devise or cell phone over to your kids!  You do the driving and supervising, they can handle the techy part. 

I did a quick search on, putting in caches within 25 miles of Shawnee and pulled a pretty good list to start with.  Also, this site gives you instructions for how to begin and how to use your GPS equipment.  This isn’t a completely free site, but does allow you to utilize parts without payment, so you can see if this is something you and your kids might like to continue in the future.

The main thing I like about this summer fun idea – it gets families out of the house, working together, learning new skills and learning more about places around them.  Since most families have smart phones these days, a quick download app and a tank of gas can get you started. 

Happy caching!