Moore mayor, who is also a jeweler, is assisting local libraries in the Pioneer System.

Lewis Jewelers of Moore is adding some sparkle to the Summer Reading Program of the Pioneer Library System with custom jewelry.

Owner Glenn Lewis, who is also the mayor of the City of Moore, designed three custom rings, one to be awarded in each county served by PLS through the My Library Rocks campaign.

To be entered into a drawing for the jewelry, adults who live, work, attend school, or own property in Cleveland, McClain, or Pottawatomie County simply log on to to fill out the online entry form.

For those who already have a library card, the information on the entry form will be used to update their records. For those who do not have a library card, they will be directed to the online registration form to apply for one. Winners of the jewelry must be card holders with the Pioneer Library System.

Lewis, designed, cut, and mounted individual gemstones he carefully selected for each county’s ring. For Pottawatomie County he chose an agate from the gravel pits in Asher, Oklahoma. He cut and polished the oval stone with features subtle bands of color, then mounted it in an intricately carved sterling silver setting.

For McClain County, Lewis chose a blue quartz from Nevada. Reminiscent of the fairs skies of Oklahoma, the polished oval stone is mounted on a simple silver band.

The Cleveland County ring features a red garnet that was found on a private ranch in the Black Mesa area of northwestern Oklahoma. Lewis faceted and polished the January birthstone and designed a sterling silver setting of banded swirls that accentuates the teardrop cut of the garnet.

“With everything Mayor Lewis has been dealing with following the May storms, for him to take the time to personally create three works of art for us is amazing to me,” said PLS director Anne Masters.

“We so appreciate the work that he has done on our behalf and, on behalf of all Oklahomans, we are extremely proud of the way he has represented the City of Moore and the State of Oklahoma to the nation.

“In my opinion, the true value of this jewelry comes from the fact that it was created by Glenn Lewis,” Masters said. “Any Oklahoman would be honored to wear it.”