Local Lions Club members to hear from Bob Seikel on the importance of World War II.

Thursday, June 20, the Shawnee Lions Club will have a special program. Mike Simmons, President, said, "All members will not want to miss this program.

The Lions Club meets at the Golden Corral at noon".

Chris Thomas, Vice President and Program Chairman said, "This is the last program under Mike's administration. This is an excellent program and the public is invited. Guest are welcome to hear Bob Seikel's program on the 'Importance of WWII.'

WWII was the most

significant event of the 20th century. This is a must for history teachers and buffs."

"I understand that Bob will have several WWII posters on display. This should give us some idea of the feeling of WWII. This was a very patrotic time in our nation's history. Find out why Tom Brockaw called the people of that time the Greatest Generation."

Shawnee Lions Club is growing. Several new members have recently joined the club. The club has collected and distributed several thousand pairs of glasses. The club has assisted in the purchase of glasses for the needed. They have supported the Lion's Club Boys Ranch. The Lions Club recently helped tornado victims.

They have actively supported the Women's Shelter, assisted the Salvation Army, supported Big Brothers Big Sisters, supported the Jail Library, and helped in a host of community projects.