Every week, the Ardmoreite will feature area prep athletes headed into the start of the fall sports season. The series kicks off, appropriately, with a kicker.

The position of kicker is often overlooked on a high school football team, but Plainview will trot out one of the state's best this fall in senior Trey Tully.

The two-time All-Ardmoreite Super Team selection has made a name for himself the past two summers at national kicking camps and is receiving interest from numerous schools from Oklahoma to Indiana. In 2012, Tully went 56-of-60 on PATs and hit two field goals for Plainview. He'll also punt for the Indians in the fall.

Tully (5-foot-9, 170 pounds) wrapped up a kicking camp in Arlington on Tuesday and spoke with The Ardmoreite.

What schools are showing interest in you?
Tully: I've been getting information from all kinds of schools. Indiana, Illinois, Duke. OBU (Oklahoma Baptist) has really shown me the most interest so far. I've been invited to go to OU and OSU camp. Wheaton (Ill.) has shown a lot of interest. We've gotten so many letters saying come visit; most of these schools are up north.

What camps are you going to this summer?
Tully: This was the third camp I've been to — the Ray Guy Pro Kicker Camp. First, I went to OU's kicking camp, then I went to OSU's (both in June). They'll be a pretty big break in bewtween camps — the rest of July, I'll have to train, then on July 26 I go to the University of North Texas.

What kind of feedback are you getting from camps?
Tully: The past three camps I've been to, they've said I have a real smooth swing and a powerful leg. They've said what I need to work on is my follow-through.

With limited opportunities for field goal attempts, how do you see your kicking as a part of Plainview's success?
Tully: During the week, during practice, I'll put myself in different situations. We'll usually kick quite a few PATs and kickoffs, but when it comes to field goals, through the week I really prepare because I know the opportunity I get may be my only one.

Who do you look to emulate when you kick? Who do you study?
Tully: (Former University of Oklahoma kicker) Uwe Von Schamann. I've had a chance to work with him and he's really been helpful, given me a lot of helpful information. (Oklahoma State kicker) Quinn Sharp had a tremendous season punting and kicking. I watch video of him kicking and I also watch video of myself, just going over some things.

What's been the biggest improvement for you from your first season as a starter (sophomore year) to now?
Tully: My consistency with my follow through and my contact with the ball. My freshman and sophomore years, I wasn't real consistent. I was just chopping at the ball. Now that I've gone to some camps, I've really improved on my contact and hitting the ball the same all the time.

Do you have any goals for yourself going into your senior season?
Tully: Sophomore year I had a good season. Junior year I kinda took a step back, so for my senior year I'm defintitely looking to make all of my PATs and all of my field goals. Obviously, the goal is to have a perfect season.

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Coach Speak

"He's done a lot of things outside our program to develop himself as a kicker. He prepares every day with his teammates and he works as hard or harder as anyone who plays an offensive or defensive position. He's an elite athlete when it comes to special teams kickers. Not only that, but the type of character the young man carries from day to day is second to none. I'm excited for Trey and what this year is going to present for him. Whether it's his hang time or his distance, he just keeps increasing his numbers."

— Plainview head football coach Chris Berus